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              Ali Akbar Jafari,PHD







Ali Akbar Jafari, PhD

Associate professor

Department of History

University of Isfahan, Iran













Educational History.

B.A. in History, 1994, university of Isfahan, Iran

M.A. in History, 1998, university of Isfahan, Iran

Ph, D. in History, 2007, university of Isfahan, Iran.

Rescarch Interests:

- Socio – Cultural and Political evolution in Iran history from safavid  until Qajarid.

- local history(Iran infocous)

Current Activities:


- Isfahan one thousand and one night of safavid,The first seminar of Isfahan safavid Isfahan ,Iran,2002.

  -Isfahan good bye to capitalcity,The International conference of the Isfahan  in the scope of History Iran and Islamic word, Isfahan ,Iran,2006.

-Dutch collapse in Persian Gulf, The International conference on the Persian Gulf in the

  scope of History, Isfahan ,Iran,2005.

-The society and government of safavid in Itinerary of sherli's brothers,The Ineternational  conference of Shiite and oriantalists,Qum,Iran,2008.

 -A glance at relation and analysis on Nader performance with Armenians, The first International Armenology and Iranology conference, Isfahan, Iran,2008.

-Iman Ali's military zone in right and wrong side ,The first seminar Militarism in the  school and the words of Iman Ali, Isfahan ,Iran,2007.

 -The role of financial issues in Iranian's performance Islam, The comparative conferece of Iran  and Islam History ,Bander Abbas, Iran ,2003.

-Youth tendency in leadership of anticonolization activities in Iran 1900-1924, National seminar of Rais, Ali Delvari martyr and the role of young clergy men and ledies

opposing conolization ,Bushehr, Iran,2009.09.08

-The examination of Islamprophet family members role in spreding Shiite in Isfahan, The national conference dealing with the History of Shiite in Isfahan , Isfahan Iran,2009.

                                           - Historical views of shykhbahaie in his staytime in Isfahan ,The second Isfahan &

Second Isfahan & safavid conference(shykhbahaie infocuse), Isfahan ,Iran,2009.  


- The Role of safavid women in the legitimacy of Iranian Governments Era. case study: 

Afsharieh – zandieh – Qhajariyeh, International seminer of woman in Islamic History (2), Tehran, 2009

- The Effects of the Arts of constructing Bukhara, sultaniyah and Samarqand Mausoleum on Taj mahal, An international seminar on Taj mahal, new Delhi, 2009

- comparative study of Gourkanian and the safavid Archite ctural works

 Case study: The Taj mahal and Naghsh – e – Jahan square An international seminar on Taj mahal, new Delhi, 2009.

Other Activities:

-The study of  improving  Isfahan  tourist attractions, Department of Islamic culture      

Isfahan, Iran,  2000- 2001.



-Golden age  of Isfahan  tourism, Isfahan's cultural of magazine ,Ifahan,Iran,2000.

-In the presence of the sun(Imam khomeini's speeches.meeting with Isfahan's people), Isfahan's   cultural of magazine, Isfahan, Iran 2001.

-A poin of view of religious mouming in Safavid era, History search of magazine , Isfahan's ,Iran,2002.

-Safavids' legitimacy crisis and the matter of shah Ismael III Kingdom,Isfahan university  faculty of letters & Humanities , Isfahan ,Iran,2007.

- A study and an Analysis on Relations of nader shah with Armenians (1142 – 1660AH 1730 – 1748 A.D), pejuhesh nameh Anjoman – e Iraniye Tarikh(Research jurnal of  Iranian Assocation of History), vol.1, no. 1, Tehran, 2009

- Analyzing and inspecting the double effect of caucasus in legitimizing and crisis Making for nadir, Aran Research and study Quarterly, vol,7, no. 19 – 20, spring Summer 2009.

The Traditional Sport of  Zurkhana  And   its  Status in  promoting  Shissm, Shiite  Studies  , V . II , N .2, 2015.-

-An  Analysis  of  the Broadcasting  and   Informing  in the  Islamic  Government   during  the  SafavidS  Era ,PAJOOHESHNAMEH-YE TARIKH ISLAMIC,V.3,N.12,2014.


-China  in Frdowsi's  Shahnameh, Textual Criticism of  Persian   Literature , v.5,n.4,2014.

-The Insurrection  of  Sheikh  Baha-al-Din  Estiri  and   the   Religious   and  Ethical  Weaknesses  of  Safavid  Legitimacy ,islamic studies  history  & culture ,2011.

-The  kingdom  of  sayed  ahmad  khan   marashi  safavi  and  the   crisis   of  safavid   legitimacy ,journal   of  historical  reseaches,N.9,2011.

-The  consequences   of  holding  Shiite  religious  rituals  in  the  Safavid, ,journal   of  historical  reseache of  Iran  and  Islam,V.7,N.13,2013-2014.

-Giasaddin   Mansour  Dashtaki   and   his   medical  textbook: Maalem-o- Shafa , journal   of  Medical  Ethics   and  History   of  Medicine , V.4, N.5,2011.

-Favaed-al-Afzalieh:a treatise   on  medicine   and   its  standing   in  the  safavid  era. journal   of  Medical  Ethics   and  History   of  Medicine , V.7, N.2,2014.





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Fax: 009831 –3 7933151

Address: Department of History, faculty of Literature & Humanities, university of Isfahan, Iran

Rank: Associate professor