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              Ehsan Aqababaee,PHD







Ehsan Aqababaee, PhD

Associate professor

Department of Social Sciences

University of Isfahan, Iran















University of Isfahan, Iran, Ph.D.

Major: Sociology                                     2008-2012

University of Isfahan, Iran, M.A.

Major: Sociology                                     2005-2007

University of Isfahan, Iran, B.A.

Major: Physics                                         2000-2004





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Aqababaee, Ehsan .(2015). A Theoretical Analysis of the Paradigmatic Foundations of Sociological Studies on Literature, 3rd Sociology & Social Sciences Conference.Tehran, Iran.



Qualitative Research Method

Woman in art

Sociology of film

Sociology of  literature



Iranian Cinema: Sociological view

Narrative Research Method







Birthdate: December, 16, 1981

Address: Department of Social Sciences, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran