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Foroughossadat Rahimpour, PhD

Associate professor

Department of Islamic Philosophy and Theology

University of Isfahan, Iran













 Educational History:

B.A.) Theology, Tehran University

M.A.) Islamic Philosophy and Kalam, Tehran University

“Comparing  Ave-Sina and Mulla Sadra Viewpoints on Ultimat  Cause “

Ph.D) Islamic Philosophy and Kalam, Tehran University

       “The Effets of The Substantial Movement and Equivical Existence Upon Human Soul and Escatology and its Comparison with the Ave-Sina's Points of view”


Description: F:\Ltr Website-EN\en\BULLET.gifArticles:


1.     Analytical Study of Conflict Between the Theory of Evolution and the Creation System from Keith Ward’s Perspective (Comparative Theology. Spring 2010, Year 1, No 1)

2.     Reflection on the Essentials of Avicenna and Mullah Sadra’s Diversity of Opinion About First Creation and Its Conformation with Original Essence of Muhammad (ص), (Comparative Theology, Winter 2011, Year 1, No 4)

3.     Comparison of Views of Allame Tabatabai and M.Arabi on Vision and Seeing. (Researches On Metaphysic, Fall & Winter 2009-2010, Vol 45)

4.     Means of Knowledge in Allamah Tabatabai (Kheradname-Ye Sadra- March 2013, Vol 18, No 2)

5.     Examining the Boundaries and Criteria for Exaggeration and Degradation from the View of Allameh Majlesi and Sheikh Mufid. (Islamic Philosophy and Theology, Autumn & Winter 2015-2016, Issue 95)

6.     Criticizing the Situation of Women in Qazali’s Thoughts. (Pazhuheshname-Ye Zanan, Spring & Summer 2012, Vol 3, No 1)

7.     Essentials and Effects of Meta-Physicality or Materiality of the Faculty of Imagination in Ibn-Sina, Sohrawardi and Mullah Sadra. (Journal of The Faculty of Letters and Humanities Number, Fall 2006, 46)

8.     Allame Tabataei and Tafkik School on Deretmination of Human Destiny in Pre-World Life and Its Relationship with Free Will. (Religion Anthropology, Fall & Winter 2015-2016, Vol 34)

9.     An Analysis of Ibn Sina’s View Regarding the Relationship Between the Body, Death and Otherworldly Life. (Kheradname-Ye Sadra, Autumn-December 2016, Vol 22, No 1, Issue 85)

10. The Role of Active Intellect in Human Life from Ibn Sina’s Point of View. (Avecinnian Philosophy (Meshkaat Alnoor), Spring and Summer 2011, Vol 15, No 45)

11. An Account, Comparison and Analysis of Two Letters of Beliefs. (Theological- Philosophical Research, Spring & Summer 2013, Vol 14, No 3 & 4)

12. Relation Between God and Human Being from Imam Khomeini’s View and Kierkegaard’s. (Maqalat Wa Barrasiha, 2005, No 77(2))

13. The Role of Sadra’s Principles in Clarifying the Relationship Between Soul and Faculties and Comparison with Avicenna’s Explanation. (Maqalat Wa Barrasiha, 2006, No 81)

14. Resurrection, Prophet Hood, and Leadership in the Al-Risalat Al-Itiqadat of Al-Shaikh Al-Sadra and Al-Shaikh Al-Mufid. (Esra, Spring 2012, Vol 3, No 11)

15. Ibn Miskaway and Evolution of Species. (History of Philosophy, September 2013, Vol 4, No 1)

16. Signs of Corporeal Resurrection in the Old Testament and the New Testament.  (Kalam Islamic, Fall 2012, Vol 21, No 3, Serial 83)

17. A Review of Two Contemporary Approaches Concerning the Aims of the Prophets. (Religious Thought, Summer 2007, No 23)

18. Resurrection in Old and New Testaments. (Religious Thought, Winter 2011, No 45)

19. Ibn Sina’s Philosophical and Medical Ideas on Relation Between Faculty of Rationality and Brain. (Religious Thought, Winter 2013, No 37)

20. A Stydy of the Effect of Mullah Sadra’s View of the Soul on His View of Revelation. (Kheradname-Ye Sadra, Winter (March) 2015, Vol 20, No 2, Issue 78)

21. Simple Human Intellect in Mullah Sadra.  (Kheradname-Ye Sadra, Spring (May) 2016, Vol 21, No 3, Issue 83)

22. Ibn Sina, Suhrawardi and Mullah Sadra on Immortality of Human Soul After Death. (Religious Anthropology, Spring & Summer 2013, No 29)

23. The Role of Active Intellect in Prophecy from the View of Ibn Sina and Mullah Sadra. (Islamic Philosophical Doctrines, Spring- Summer 2012, No 10)

24. Appearance of Ibn Sina’s Philosophical Anthropology in His Allegorical-Gnostic Treatises. (History of Philosophy, December 2013, Vol 4, No 2)

25. Reflection of the Insights and Conducts of Shaikh Baha’i and Majlisi (II) In Their Religious Treatises. (History of Philosophy, March 2013, Vol 3, No 3)

26. An Analysis of the Structure of Truth and Untruth in the Quran. (Pazhuhesh-Dini, 2006, No 13)

27. Comparison of Viewpoints and Reasons of Sheikh Mofid and Allameh Tabatabai About “Prophet’s Infallibility. (Theological-Doctrinal Research, Winter 2014, 3rd Year, Vol 3, No 12)

28. A Comparative Study of Saduq, Mofid and Majlisi’s Opinions on the Issue of Distraction of Prophet. (Summer 2012, Ma’aref-E Aqli, Vo 1, N 23)

29. Guess in The Viewpoint of Avicenna and Fakhr Al-Din Al-Razi. (Avecinnian Philosophy, Spring & Summer 2016, 20th Year, Vol 20, No 55)

30. A Critical Study of Leibniz’s View of the Soul Based on the Transcendent Philosophy.  (Kheradname-Ye Sadra, Winter (March) 2014, Vol 19, No 2, Issue 74)

31. The Impact of  the Theory of Trans-Substantial Motion On Mullah Sadra’s Kalami Thought. (Kheradname-Ye Sadra, Summer (September) 2015, Vol 20, No 4, Issue 80)

32. The Appearance of Suhrawardi’s Illuminative Anthropology in Aql-E Surkh, Awaz-E Par-E Jibrail, Risala Fi Haqiqat Al-Ish. (Journal of Religious Thought, Autumn 2016, Vol 16, No 3, Serial 60)

33. Comparison of the Views of Plotinus and Mullah Sadra in Attributes of Soul. (Contemporary Wisdom, 2017, Vol 7, Issue 3)

34. Comparative Study of the Status of Women in Ghazali’s and Ibn Arabi’s View.  (Muslim Women And Family Research Letter, Spring & Summer 1395, Issue 6)

35. Rating of The Human Body from the Perspective of Mullah Sadra. (In Process)

36. Alain Badiou on Existential Relevance of Death.  (Philosophical Meditations, Fall & Winter 2016, Vol 5, No 15)

37. Kynvnt Semantics Rational Collective Breath and Explain the Philosophy of Mullah Sadra. (Journal of Religious Thought, Winter 2016, Vol 15, No 4, Serial 77)

38. Analysis of the Role of the Body at the Beginning and End of the Worldly Life from the Perspective of Ibn Sina. (Journal of Religious Thought, Winter 2015, Vol 14, No 4, Serial 53)

39. Ibn Sina’s and Mullah Sadra’s Principles and Solutions in the Rejection of Metempsychosis, Review and Comparison. (Contemporary Wisdom, Autumn 2014, Vol 5, Issue 3)

40. The Consideration of the Possibility of al- Nafs al- Juziyah(Finite Self) Realization befor the Worldl Life Based on the  Theory of Mulla Sadra's Individual Unity of Existenc. (Falsafe va Kalam-e Eslami, Autumn & Winter 2016- 2017, Vol  49, No. 2)

41. Methods of Train of self from Mollasadra. (Religion Anthropology, Autumn & Winter, 2016- 2017, Vol  13, No. 36)

42. investigation of philosophers ideas and Imam Komeini’s point of view on ultimate cause, (Islamic Kalam, 1378, Qom, No 32)


43. Position of Hazrat-e- Zahra in the universe,( Islamic Kalam, 1380, Qom, No 40)


44. The relationship between God and human being in the opinion of Imam Khomeini and Kiergard, (Articles and investigations, 1384, Tehran, No 77/2)

45. Foundations and sign of abstractness or materialness of imagination, (Scientific Journal of  literature faculty, 1385, Isfahan, No 46)

46. An analysis of right and wrong in the Quran with the emphasis on Alame Tabatabei idea, (Religious research, 1385, Tehran, No 13)

Description: F:\Ltr Website-EN\en\BULLET.gifBooks:


1. “Unity” From Imam Khomeini Perspective


2. “Leadership and The Perfect man” From Imam Khomeini Perspective


3. “Prophecy” From Imam Khomeini Perspective


4. “Resurrection” From Imam Khomeini Perspective


5. “Justice of  God” From Imam Khomeini Perspective


6. “Pure Islam” in the Words and Messages of  Imam Khomeini


   Description: F:\Ltr Website-EN\en\BULLET.gif Translation:

1.     Commentary on Doa-Al-Sahar,, The institute for compilation and publication of the works of Imam Khomeni


2.     Petition and Will, The institute for compilation and publication of the works of Imam Khomeni


3. Mesbah-Al-Hedaya, The institute for compilation and publication of the works of Imam Khomeni


4. Taligat Ala Sharh-e- Fosus-Al- Hikam, The institute for compilation and publication of the works of Imam Khomeni


5. Taligat Ala Mesbah-Al- Ons, The institute for compilation and publication of the works of Imam Khomeni


6. Taliga Ala-Al-Favaed-Al-Razavia, The institute for compilation and publication of the works of Imam Khomeni




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