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              Gholamhossein Tavakoli,PHD







Gholamhossein Tavakoli, PhD

Associate professor

Department of Philosophy

University of Isfahan, Iran













Educational History.


1970-92: Elementary school, secondary school, high school and … in my hometown Najafabad, Isfahan.

1993:   Bs. And Ma Qum University (my MA was in theology, my proposal was about Principia Ethica of G.E Moore)

1994-99: Research activities in field of philosophy of religion, in: Center of theological and philosophical researches,

1999-hitherto: full employment in Isfahan University, department of philosophy

2001: PH D Tehran University (my PH D was in philosophy, my proposal was Kierkegaard and Molla Sadra on faith and reason: a comparative study, I got the mark 19.5





Rescarch Interests:

Ethics, philosophy of religion, Islamic philosophy and theology


Current Activities:

Teaching philosophy in department of philosophy in Isfahan University




Maimonides and negative theology, International conference on philosophy, Athena, Greece, May 2008.

Knowing God via negative, The xxIIth congress of philosophy( rethinking philosophy, Seoul, south Cora, July 2008.

Arabic culture or Islamic culture Saint Petersburg Russia,

4 - سمينارها وهمايش‌هاي داخلي و بين‌المللي (خارجي)‌:


موضوع سمينار

عنوان مقاله (به فارسي )





هفته پژوهش

آيا انسان جاودانه است





همايش مشاهير علمي ادبي سيستان

ابويعقوب سجستاني و الهيات سلبي





همایش مجالس سبعه

رویکرد افلوطین و مولانا در شناخت خداوند






Other Activities:

Study and research in my favorite fields.



1. A translation of G.E Moore’s Principia Ethica into Persian (Persian title: mabani akhlagh, second edition: 2009, this book is in ethics, 480 pages)

2. A translation of Patterns of Transcendence by David Chidester ( Persian title: Shoore Javdanegi, third edition: Tehran: 2017, in the field of comparative study of religion and philosophy ,600 pages)

3. A translation of Alston's essays in Encyclopedia of philosophy. (It is in field of philosophy of religion, Persian title: Din Va cheshm andazhaye no, second edition: 2001, in the field philosophy of religion .200 pages) for a picture of cover see p.18 below.


4. A translation of Basic Teachings of Great Philosophers by S.E. Frust in the field of western philosophy: Persian title Amozehaye Asasi Philsophan Bozorg,Tehran.2012,pages:380.


5. Din az Negahe Freuid (composition)( freuid perspective of religion, second edition, Tehran 2007,200 pages) for a picture of cover see p.16 below.

International conferences





1. Original Sin: (Tabriz University: 2005)

2. Eutifron paradox (Isfahan University:2004)

3. The nature of man (Qum University: 2005)

4. Kierkegaard and Voluntarism (Qum university: 2001)

5. Negative Theology (Tehran,Imam Sadegh university: 2008)

6. Religious Humanism, Secular Humanism (Qum University: 2004)

7. Mystical knowledge of Molla Sadra: A critical reading (Tehran: 2002)

8. Theodicy (Tehran: 2003)

9. Pessimism, Naqd Va Nazar, 1383/11/1(2004), no. 1,pp (Tehran: 2004)

10. Kierkegaard and Fideism (2001)

11. God’s preknowledge and Man's free will (Tehran: 2009)

12. Double truth (Tabriz: 2009)

12. A comparison between Aquinas Analogy and Graduated Universals in Islamic Philosophy (Mashhad: 2008)

13-Surveying the Notion of Divine Justice, 20/3/2013

14-Moore and naturalistic fallacy, Naqd Va Nazar: 1394/28/9.

15- Error theory in ethics, Hekmat Va falsafeh 1391/9/8.

16- W. Kraig and Kalam cosmological argument, comparative theology 1390/4/15

17- Teleological view of creation, Naqd va Nazar 1382/7/1






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