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                      Mohammad Bidhendi,PHD







Mohammad Bidhendi, PhD

Associate professor

Department of Islamic philosophy and theology

University of Isfahan, Iran













Ph.D. in Islamic Philosophy and theology, 2005, University of Tarbiat-Modarres, Tehran , Iran

        Thesis : A comparative study of Mulla-sadra's hermeneutical ontology and Heidegger's Hermeneutics


M.A. in Islamic Philosophy and theology, 1991, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

B.A. in Theology, 1988, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran



Academic positions:

1.      Director of Culture Affairs, University of Isfahan, 2005

2.      Director of Culture and Scholar, University of Isfahan, 2006 2010

3.      Secretary of the Special Cases Committee of Province's Universities, 2008-2012

4.      Vice-chancellor of University of Isfahan, 2010-2014

5.      President of the faculty of Literature and Humanities, 2011-2016

6.      Academic Promotions Committee, University of Isfahan, 2013-Currently


1.      Methodology

2.      Islamic Philosophy

3.      Theology


A)     Books


Bidhendi, M., Nowzari, A. (2011). Religious Pluralism from the point of view of contemporary Muslim intellectuals. Isfahan, Iran: Beheshtian

Bidhendi, M., Salehi, S. (2014). Role of love in the evolution of human from the point of view of Mulla Sadra and Ahmad Ghazali. Isfahan, Iran: Daftar-e-Tablighet Eslami

Bidhendi, M., Karbasizade, A., Shiravand, M. (2015). Philosophy and environment. Tehran, Iran: Institute for Humanities and cultural studies

Bidhendi, M., Rezaei, E., Haeri, H. (2016). Spiritual level of the Prophets from the point of view of Ibn 'Arabi and Mulla Sadra. Isfahan, Iran: Daftar-e-Tablighet Eslami


B)     Papers


Bidhendi, M. (2004). The study and analsyis of the semantics of interpretation (ta'wil) and its epistemological validity from Mulla Sadra's point of view, Name-ye-Mofid, 10(41) , 39-54.

Bidhendi, M. (2005). A study and analysis of Mulla Sadra's Hermeneutical contemplation of the Book and Tradition, Kheradnameh-e-Sadra, 10(38), 4-20.

Bidhendi, M. (2003). Is Islamic philosophy Identical with Greek philosophy?, Kheradnameh-e-Sadra, 8(30), 43-53.

Nowrouzi, R,A & Bidhendi, M. (2010). Human agency in qualitative approach to research, Rahbord, 19(54), 190-206.

Bidhendi, M. & Shiravand, M. (2012). Medical ethics philosophical foundation in transcendent Theosophy, Bioethics, 2(3), 49-77

Bidhendi, M. & Karbasizadeh, A. & Shiravand, M. (2014) A critical study on the theories of environmental ethics with the role of Basit-al-Haqiqah, Pazhuhesh name-e Akhlagh, 6(22), 101-119

Bidhendi, M. & Karbasizadeh, A. & Shiravand, M. (2011) The role of religious teaching in solving the natural disasters, Ishraq, 4, 503-511

Bidhendi, M. & Karbasizadeh, A. & Shiravand, M. (2014) A survey on the role of Francis Bacon in Inaugurating environmental crisis, Philosophical meditation, 4(12), 121-143

Bidhendi, M. & & Shiravand, M. (2013) Environmental ethics paradigm according to Ibn 'Arabi's , Transcendent Philosophy, 14, 215-236

Bidhendi, M. (2014) An introduction of ontological science philosophy of Mulla Sadra, 23(71), 195-216

Motahari nasab, M. & Bidhendi, M. & Aqahosseini, A,R. (2016) Study of scientific discourse in Islamic civilization's florescence period (Focusing on comparative methodology of Ibn Sina and Birouni), Tarikh-e Falsafeh, 6(4), 45-72





Pho: +98(31)37933114

Fax: +98(31)37932217

Address: Department of Islamic Philosophy and Theology, Faculty of Literature & Humanities, University of Isfahan, Isfahan-Iran

Rank: Associate Professor