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Masood kasiri, PhD

Associate professor

Department of History

University of Isfahan, Iran
















1992 – 2001         Received my general medicine from Isfahan university of medical science. 


2007    Received my M.A in history of Islamic Iran from Isfahan university.

  The title of thesis  : surviving the condition of health and cure in Naseraldin Shah Ghajar in Iran


2011     Received my Ph.D In history at Isfahan university.    

The title of thesis  : The effect of modernism on public health and medical geography of epidemic diseases in Iran during the rule of Reza Shah(1925-1941)





-                      Isfahan University, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Department of the History

-                      Chief of  Medical History Museum of Isfahan

-                      head of medical history researches at  Isfahan university of medical science

-                      Teaching history of science in the Department of Philosophy and Department of Linguistics

-                      The referee's Congress of Medical Ethics and History in Tehran University

-                      The jury committee’s member of History and medical ethics scientific research magazine of Tehran university.

-                      The counselor of Isfahan university research assistant.

-                      cooperate with Iran medicine science academy


Training course


-           18000 OHSAS audit course 

-          Skills of giving lecture and official meeting course

-          Supervision principles course

-          Various Soft wares learning course

-          Venesection and tradition medicine course


Medicine essay


-                      The presentation of article and accept by jury committee at the first congress about The prevention of disease and promotion safety in events.

-                      The presentation of article and accept by jury committee at the sixth national congress about Iran audiometric.



essay at history field


1-                  Surviving of health and cure condition at first Tahmasb king period in capital of Iran  at Qazvin in Safavi period international congress.


2-                  Medicine at Ale-buye period at Ale-buye congress in Gilan university.


3-                  Surviving of Iran and Ottoman border quarantines conditions at Naseri period at medicine history international congress in Turkey.


4-                  Comparison of health and cure conditions between city and rural societies at Qajar period printed in Soxane Eil specialty magazine.


5-                  A brief description about genealogist printed in Soxane Eil magazine.


6-                  Introduce a document about Golpayegan social condition post constitution printed in Ganjine Asnad magazine.  


7-                  Golpayegan rock art, symbol of holiness at different period at Iran logy and rmenia logy   international congress .


8-                  Introducing Qarqab strait inscription in Golpayegan at inscriptions international congress in cultural heritage organization.


9-                  Golpayegan and constitution at Iran real constitution in Isfahan .


10- surviving opinion of Iranian web log writer about Taj Mahal at Taj Mahal international congress in New Delhi.


11- surviving documents about Iran quarantines in Naser Aldin king Period in researching scientific magazine in Isfahan university.


12- Xaje Rashid aldin Fazlallah endeavor for preventing of  Islamic medicine extinct printed in researching scientific magazine in Tehran university .


13- Surviving problems of sociology smallpox in Iran printed in researching scientific magazine in Tehran university.


14- Dignity of women at health and cure field and their part in Islamic medicine promotion, printed in researching history magazine, Mashad  Ferdosi university.


15- Condition of Isfahan health and cure at Safavie period from Sharden poin of view, for Isfahan and Sheyx Bahaei congress.


16- Gozari Ber Kuche Moalejan (Rob Rashidi medicine organization), Printed in Darmangar magazine.


Learning work place


1-                Persian Gulf learning work place, in Isfahan university.

2-                Oral history and university learning work place, in Isfahan university.



Presented articles in research week


1-           condition of contagious disease from the point of view of foreigner resident in Iran at Mohamad king period, in research week        2005

2-           the part of Xanqah Shaeyx at Safavi government, in research week  2006


Magazines and sites


1.                   History of Golpayegan web log , 9 articles written

2.                   historical articles web log, 5 articles written

3.                   cooperate with Axale local site, 4 articles written

4.                   to start the first electronically historical magazine in Isfahan university


written books


1.                   Introduction to Tashrih alabdan Mansuri handwritten manuscript, printed in Isfahan university.

2.                   Writing pishine pezeshki Isfahan, (About medicine history in Isfahan)  printed in Isfahan university.

3.                   Writing condition of health and cure and quarantine at Naseri period, by health human science research unit endeavor, waiting for jury committee point.

4.                   Translation of health and cure and pretty at Qajar period, waiting for print.

5.                    Writing Golpayegan and constitution

6.                   writing Eshqe nahofte (Doctor Hakami biography: Isfahan medical science founder) by Isfahan medicine science university endeavor

7.                   Writing Teb dar doreh Moqol (About medicine in Mongol period) printed in Isfahan university


Other scientific research


1.                   20 sections programs on the radio about Isfahan medicine history by cooperate with Isfahan TV& radio

2.                   cooperate with health human science research unit Isfahan medical university

3.                   Execute research project creation Isfahan medicine science history museum  by Isfahan town council research assistant.

4.                   cooperate with Iran medicine science academy as a responsible for compilers of Iran and Islam medicine great encyclopedia in Isfahn.


Written articles for Iran and Islam medicine great encyclopedia


1.                   Austrian hakim pulak the first medicine teacher in Dar alfonun.

2.                   Mirza Abolfathe Tabrizi Tahmasb king doctor

3.                   the part of Xaje Rashid aldin fazl allah Hamedani in promotion medicine science

4.                   Robe Rashidi and Rashidi hospital

5.                   history of anatomy science

6.                   Haj Zein aldine atar Shoja mozafari king doctor



Favoring field


To do all of the research, teaching and translation


projects and future plans

-          Quarantines in Iran contemporary history from the end of 19th century to end of Qajar era

-          The effect of modernism on medicalization in end of 19th century in Iran







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