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              Asghar Montazerolghaem,PHD







Asghar Montazerolghaem, PhD


Department of History & Iranology

University of Isfahan, Iran














1.   University of Tarbiat Modarres, Tehran,Iran


Level: PhD

Title: History of Islam

Doctoral Thesis Topic: Reasons and Factors for Yemenies' Tendency toward Shiism


2. University of Shahid Beheshti, Tehran, Iran

Level: MA

Title: History


3.   University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

Level: BA

 Title:  History

Master Thesis Topic:





  1. Legal Proceedings in Achaemenid Period, IU Humanities Journal, 1991.
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Published Books

1.      Saghifah, Isfahan Meysam publishing House, Isfahan, 1992.

2.      Manifestation of Guidance: a Study on the life of the prophet, Isfahan Kowsar, Isfahan, 1992.

3.      Early History of Islam, IU Publishing House, Isfahan, 2008.

4.      The Role of Yemini Tribes in Supporting Ahl-u-Bait, Islamic Cultural Organization,Qom, 2001.

5.      The History of Islam till the the 40th,Year of Hijrah, IU Publishing Isfahan University ,2005.

6.      Isfahan Cemeteries: Revised and edited. IU Publishing Isfahan University, Isfahan, 2007.

7.      The Banquet of the Lovers: History of  Martyrs Rose Garden Cemetery, Pezhohesh Publishing House, 2003.

8.      The History of the Great prophet's life, the Path of Love Publications (hadith Rah Eshgh),Isfahan,  2006.

9.      The history of Imamite, Maaref Publications (22th. Edition), Qom, 2005.

10.  Reasons for the eternality of Imam Hussain's Uprising, the Path of Love

Publications (hadith Rah Eshgh),Isfahan,  2007.

11-The Prophetic and alavid Civilization Making A Cultual, Economic, Social, and Political institutionalization Process,  Publications (morq soliman),Isfahan, 2012

12-The explanation of role of Hesham Kalbi in the culture and civilization

,  Publications(pazhoheshgah Hoze va danshgah)2014

13-The Role Of Prophets Ebrahimy In Civilization Making , Maaref  Publications, Qom, 2015.


Contribution to the

Isfahan Takht-e-Foulad cemeteries encyclopedia 4 Volume,  Publications Takhat-e-Foulad Cultural Center Isfahan,2000-2015

-          Editor in chief

-          Author of the introduction

-          Author of 220 synoptic outlines 


Editor in chief, history and culture, the research journal of the faculty of theology and Islamic studies. Ferdowsi university of mashhad.

Editorial board, tarikh dar ayene – pashuhesh, the quarterly and scholarly journal of historical researches, imam Khomeini educational and research institute. Qum, Iran.

Managing editor, journal of historical researches (scientific- research journal of the university of Isfahan). 




Research Projects

Social Changes in Isfahan, 2004-2007, assigned by: Isfahan Radio and TV organization.



Local and International Conferences

Name of The Conference

Topic of the Paper presented







1.Imam Hussain    Congress



 2. Imam Ali's Social and political  Attitude



Reforming Role of Imam Hussain on the religious trend of Centeral Persia




   Imam Ali's Reforming Social Role in Transferring the capital to Kufa







Mashad Uni


Local and International Conferences

3. Imam Ali's Political Attitudes


4. Imam Hussain Congress



5. Militarism in the School and the Words of Imam Ali



6. Reforming Role of Imam Hussain on the religious trend of Centeral Persia



7. The Mogul Invasion And Aftermath





8. Attitude Study of the Prophet



9. The Role of Women in the Course of Islamic History




10. Isfahan in the Course of History


The Rrole of Moawieh in Weakening of Imam Ali's Leadership

Masoodi's View on Imam Hussain's Uprising


A comparative Study between some of the prophet's Commanders and Imam Ali


Imam Hussain    Congress





Shiite Ideas in Ilkhani Inscroptions and Architectural monuments.




The Relations between hamdan tribe with the Prophet


The Role of Bani Najjar Tribe's Women on the Development of Islam



Buwayhid  Architecture in Isfahan and its Impact on Seljukid Architecture











Imam H. Uni./Teh




Shahid Beheshti Uni.




Isfahan Uni



Yazd Uni.




Isfahan Uni.

































1.     Islamis Utopia, Isfahan University, 2008

2.     asghar montazerolghaem. the case of Isfahan in The early 20th Century. 'Reconstruction of the civil structure base from the Perspective of the local historian: The workshop is linked to joint Projects on local history between Isfahan and Royal Holloway History Department, 2000.




Persian, English, Arabic



Prof. Dr Hadi Alemzadeh, University of Tehran University



Prof. Dr Sadegh Ainehvand, University of Tarbiat Modarres 



Prof. Dr Reza Shabani




To be of service to academic potentials of students and the staff of the University and help promote research and awareness of history, culture and civilization  among students of the field.

Awards received

 Isfahan University Lecturer of the year 2007

Best author of Thesis books, 2001














Academic Articles


1.      (2015) Analytic  and comparative study of  Emali books' position in historiography of Maqtal, published in: " Quran science and Hadith research journal, Al-Zahra university".

2.      (2014) Evolution process of Shi'a Imams' role in revival of Imamat  theory, published in: " History of Islamic culture and civilization journal ".

3.      (2013)  Shi'a Imams' companions  and conduct writings , published in : " Shi'alogy journal- Shi'alogy institution".

4.      (2012)The role of Imam Hassan Askari's  Iranian companions  in Hadith science relying on quadruplet books of Shi'a, published in "History of Islam Studies journal, Research center of Islam history".

5.      (2012) Process of historiography of Imam Ali's battles in Imams' companions' writings about battles, published in : " Islam history bulletin".

6.      (2012) A comparative study of science classification from the viewpoint of Fakhr-al-din Razi and Shams-al-din Amoli, published in " Islam history studies, Islam history research center.

7.      (2012) Review and survey of narratives related to Azarbayijan conquerors  until 40th Hejira, published in "Historical researches, former Literature and humanities, Isfahan university.

8.      (2012) Shi'ism history in Yazd from the beginning to 7th century AH, published in " Shialogy journal, Shialogy institute".

9.      (2012) Components of impressionability and impressiveness of Iraqis' Maqtal writings from Iranians' historiography, published in: "History of Islamic culture and civilization journal ".

10.  (2011) Alaqatal-masader-al-maktooba b'el-revayat al-shafvia f'el qoroon aa-salasa al-ola men tarikh al-hejri, published in " العلوم الانسانیه للجمهوری اسلامیه الایرانیه , Tarbiat Modarres University".

11.  (2009) A comparative study on the role of the religious and political thoughts of Qom , Ray, Baghdad and khorasan on Shias of the third century, published in" Tarbiat Modarres Journal".

12.  (2008) Role of Nakha tribe in history of Islam in the first AH century, published in: " Shialogy journal, Shi'alogy institute".

13.  (2007) Crisis of legitimation of Safavids and sovereignty of 3rd Ismaeil, published in: " Literature and humanities journal, Isfahan university".

14.  (2007) The first histories of Khorasan in Islamic period, published in :" Islamic studies journal,  Ferdowsi university of Mashhad".

15.  (2007)The Social Reforms of Mohammad (peace be upon him), The Messenger of God, and its Consequences, published in " Literature and humanities journal of Isfahan university".

16.  (2007) Prophet of Islam( peace be upon him) and religious  Ideology of civilization-building, Published in " Religious thoughts journal, Shiraz university.

17.  (2007) Social reform movements of Rasool-Allah ( peace be upon him), published in " " Literature and humanities journal of Isfan university".

18.   (2007) Al-darsat mogharena l'elebhat al-tatbighia fi ma takhassol-monasebat al-hakema bayn al-tiarat al-siasia al-eteqadia al-saeda va bayn al-shia fel-qarn al-sales al-hejri, published in:  al'oloum al-ensania l'el jomhouri al-Islamia al-Irania, published in: " العلوم الانسانیه للجمهوری اسلامیه الایرانیه"، Tarbiat Modarres University.

19.  (1999) The first conqueror of Isfahan after Islam, published in " Literature and humanities journal of Isfahan university".

20.  (1991)Procedure in Achaemenian period, published in: " Literature and humanities journal of Isfahan university".

21.  (1991) Relations between Achaemenids and Greece, published in: " Literature and humanities journal of Isfahan university".


Secretary and holder of  congresses

(2006) International congress: "The  dignified Prophet"

(2004) International congress;" Fazel-e-Sarab And his Contemporary (1040 -1124A.H) Department Of History Isfahan University")

(2002) Interntional congress: " Isfahan and Safavid Conference "

 (2013) International congress : "Imamzadegan"